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Women's priorities for a sustainable and equitable world!

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100 Days until Rio+20! Women's priorities for a sustainable and equitable world!
100 Days until Rio+20! 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12-22 June 2012 

Women's priorities for a sustainable and equitable world! 

In just 100 days, world leaders will gather together for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- to make commitments for securing a sustainable future. 

Referred to as Rio+20, the conference comes 20 years after the historic Earth Summit of 1992, which set the framework for sustainable development; with its 3 dimensions: environmental, social and economic and with a strong role for women as confirmed in Rio Principle 20! 

What is Rio+20? 
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development is taking place in Rio from the 20-22 of June 2012, preceded by a preparatory meeting from the 13-15 June. Rio+20 marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), which was also held in Rio in 1992 (as well as the 40 years anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Summit and the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Johannesburg Summit). 

The Conference will host high level political and civil society representatives and is aimed at renewing commitments made at the past summits on sustainable development, and will have its focus on two main issues: A green economy in the context of poverty eradication and an institutional framework for sustainable development. 

For more information on the Conference, please visit the UNCSD Website: 

Rio+20 is an opportunity for women around the world to let our political leaders know what our priorities are. 

Why is Rio+20 important for Women? 
In the Rio Declaration (1992) it is recognized that "Women have a vital role in environmental management and development. Their full participation is therefore essential to achieve sustainable development." 

Although women throughout the world are key actors in maintaining the sustaining livelihoods and welfare of their families and communities, and in making a transition to a more equitable and sustainable world, twenty years after the first Rio conference, great social and economic inequities still remain. These inequities especially affect women and children, who make up the majority of those living in poverty. 

Rio+20 is a major chance to ensure that our demands are recognized by governments and policymakers and that remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits on sustainable development can be assessed and acted upon. 

What Can You Do? 
The Women's Major Group, is preparing for Rio+20 and advocating for ambitious outcomes which represents the diversity of women's priorities and which demands from political leaders to achieve gender equality and social and environmental justice to secure a sustainable future for all. 

1. Answer the Global Women Rio+20 Survey 
There are crucial questions we need your input on! For example: 
- Have you seen progress in your country/area over the past 20 years (since the 1992 Earth Summit)? 
- Do you think women's groups in your country are engaged by policymakers on sustainable development? 
- What are your priorities for Rio+20? 
Ensure your perspectives help shape advocacy in Rio! Answer the survey, share it with your colleagues & peers 
Click to Take Survey... 

2. Sign the Global Women Rio+20 Policy Paper 
In order to show your commitment and support for a successful outcome of Rio+20, you are welcome to sign the Women's Position Statement for Rio+20, which was officially submitted to the United Nations, no matter if you are a member of an (international) organization or an individual person. 

3. Take part in Women's Major Group Activities and Preparation for Rio+20 
Join our Policy advocacy Women Rio+20 Steering Committee, send a request to 
Also, you could: Organize your own Women Rio+20 event in your country; Take part in our events at the Rio+20 - testimonies, presentations of good practices etc. Contact the 'Organizing Partners' of the Women's Major group today to start a dialogue!